19 July, 2009

Adventure Weekend

What an amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, adventurous weekend! Good weather, good friends, good times... how can you beat that?!?
Greg set up a couple of geocaching events for the weekend of July 18th & 19th: river rafting and rappelling. Since the rafting was quite a drive, we opted to camp overnight at King Mountain. We've been there before, and it's a beautiful spot (previous posts are here, here, & here). Although I opted not to do either event, I went out for the campfire and companionship - and it was well worth it!!
Rafters Are Ready
Anita convinced a friend to come along, so Greg, Todd, Anita, and Kathryn braved the rapids, while I soaked up some sun, read, and relaxed at camp (was going to nap too, but I got sucked into my book). While I had a very nice time; a pleasant, relaxing time; the rafters had a BLAST!!! Stoked and happy. That's what they were when they got back to camp (and a little cold - but I'd burned all the wood thinking they'd be back earlier. Oops!!)

We didn't stay the weekend - although the weather was great and it would have been nice... but the rappelling event was Sunday morning and we didn't want to have to drive in super-early in the morning (and be all campfire smelly - that's fine if *everyone* smells that way, but different if you're the only ones...). So we broke camp, hid a cache, then headed back to town.

Made a pit stop in Palmer to get some food at Turkey Red - a very nice joint that serves good food and didn't make faces at the stinky people invading the room... Since we ate *so* much at dinner, we opted for some walking before hitting the road again... and wouldn't you know it? There are caches within a couple of blocks of downtown Palmer. Stopped at a park to find one, but there were too many prying eyes - so Nita & Kathryn tested some of the equipment... seems to be in working order to me!! =)

Morning comes *really* early sometimes... and so it seemed on Sunday. Greg got up even earlier, since he had to be down to McHugh Creek to set up. I rode down with Todd & Anita. I didn't do any cliff climbing... I was just going for moral support for Anita. The really good pictures (where she's already on the way down the rockface) were taken by someone else with my camera. I would've had to belly crawl just to get close to the edge - and by the time I was there, she'd probably already have been at the bottom. I keep telling myself that I'll do this another time. We'll see if that happens, but I might be a little braver seeing how well Anita did and how happy she was when she finished. Way to go, Nita!!
Look, Ma! No Hands!

Over the Edge

Anita had a blast!! She did a little practicing to get the feel of things, then squashed the flutter-bies in her tummy and walked over the edge. If you enlarge the pictures above, you can see two people at the bottom - the one in green is Greg (he's got the control rope for the descent).

This was one of those truely lovely weekends. Always over too soon, but memories to last a lifetime. Ahhhhhh.

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