03 September, 2007

Camping - King Mountain, the place

I didn't get many pictures of people this trip - so I'll have one entry dedicated to some of the scenery shots I took. Friends have agreed to donate pictures of the people - so at some point, I'll add another entry for the people.

A small group of us left Thursday night - so we could get sites and get things set up before the rest of the group came up on Friday. King Mountain is only about 2 hours from Anchorage, so the drive wasn't too bad. Weather was a bit cloudy and sometimes rainy, but we saw a fantastic rainbow on the way out!!
We arrived after dark and got three of the tents set up. The moon came out from behind the clouds and we got a great night view. What an auspicious way to start the weekend!!
Once again, we were in a lovely area. Lots of scenic eye candy. I noticed that the leaves are starting to turn - just another sad reminder that winter is coming. In noticing the yellow foliage, I saw that there were several trees growing crooked. My speculation is that some event (like a heavy snow) years ago caused several of the trees to bow, and in subsequent years they straightened in their new path. Who knows why - but the effect is pretty cool!
Changing Colors

Crooked Tree
In addition to the foliage directly surrounding our area, we just needed to focus a bit further out to see more spectacular imagery. Some of our group went hiking on Saturday to Castle Mountain - to find a cache, of course, and enjoy more great scenery - and others went to the state fair in Palmer. I opted to stay at camp and relax - which was just what I needed.
Views from Camp
This campout was very relaxing for me. We were in a gorgeous area, and the weather was very kind. It was pleasant and warm most of the trip - cloudy, but only drizzly on one day and just for a bit. It was nice that it was cloudy at night, so my nose didn't freeze and I slept better. It was also nice to come home and shower, but I don't know that I'm ready to go back to work yet... I guess I had too a bit too much relaxing while I was gone. =)
The Ride Home

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