03 September, 2007

Camping - King Mountain, the people

I've already got pics for more blogs, so I'd better finish up the camping trip! (Started the post on the 3rd and it's already the 11th - how time flies!) Thanks to PseudoTech for supplying lots of the people pictures. Not sure why, but I didn't get many this go 'round. So we're missing people too: Heather, Ayanna, Jamie & her crew - they came up on Friday and left Saturday. A quick trip, but it was fun!
1st Night

Some folks went hiking on Saturday - to the top of Castle Mountain. They left around 10am and returned to camp around 10pm. A long day - and they were *beat* when they got back - but it was apparently worth it. Of course, it was for a cache - Greg's 500th find. Way to go!
Cachers Return




While the cachers were out hiking, the rest of us divvied up. Some went to the fair, and some just stayed at camp relaxing (one of those was ME!).
Fair Folks

Relaxing around the Fire

Todd, Anita, Kelly & I stopped for a cache on the way home - the only one I got all weekend, but it was one more than I had planned on. =) (Greg & Malcore got several caches on the way home - Greg was actually 6-7 hours later getting home than me.)
Looking for the Hide


The rest of the pics are just random shots.
King of the Hill

Greg (L) - Anita's Long Legs (R)


Strawberries - yummy!!

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