29 April, 2011

Sewing Night

I'm almost finished with a Mystery quilt that Sara and I started... um... probably five years ago?...  It's about damn time!!
Sara's quilt - done these last five years...
 I was thinking of trading this one to a friend for some end tables he's making me, but decided that he'll get the next one.  This one has sentimental value - the first Mystery Quilt class that Sara and I did together - and I just love the colors.  When I get pictures of the one Nita is working on, I'll post - to show her progress, but also because that'll be the same kind I end up trading to my friend.  I think that one's next on the list - or maybe a baby quilt and then that one... But still have to finish this one.  Top is done, just have to get the layers together...  Yay!!

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