24 April, 2011

My Sister Jeannea

Jeannea's visit has come and gone.  It's hard to believe it's already over.  Where does all the time go?  I mean, when I'm slogging through work and buried up to my eyebrows with muck and mire, the minutes c r e e p  s l o w l y  o n w a r d,  w i t h  t o r t u r o u s  s l u g g i s h n e s s  . . . But when I'm savoring my time with friends or family, trying to enjoy every last minute because I know the time is short, I can blink and it's already gone.  How is that fair??  Anyway.  I'm already ahead of myself.
Jeannea came to visit for a few days on her way to Dillingham for the summer.  I was happy to have a little more time with her than I got with Sara, but that's just me being greedy.  To be honest, I'd be happy with enough time to go to dinner and visit for a bit before they pass through.  Anything more than that is already icing on the cake.  So extra days on top of that is awesome - yay!!
Jeannea got some chill-axin' done during the weekdays - opting to hang at the house while we were working so she could sleep in and unwind a bit before hitting it hard again.  Until recently she was working two full-time jobs; she dumped one of those, but then had to gear up to come to Alaska for the summer.  And it won't get any better in Silly Dilly - she'll be working seven days a week and likely 16 to 20 hour days.  So apparently she really enjoyed the time just hangin'.
Besides, we made up for it in the evenings with visiting and catching up.  We confirmed that she has not been to Double Musky, but that's a trip that will have to wait on her return visit in August.    However, we made a fantastic meal (courtesy of the cookbook she picked up for us): "World's Best" Mac and Cheese, Rustic Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes, and steak with Balsamic-Mushroom Ragout.  It was a meal high in cheese content (especially if you count the five different types of cheese we cut up for appetizers - YUM!), and uber-delicioso...  Leftovers for days, and still tasty the second (and third) time around...  plus it was a lot of fun to spend the day (there was a lot of prep) working together to make such a fantastic meal.
"World's Best" Mac and Cheese before baking
 "World's Best" Mac and Cheese ready to eat
Steak coated in the House Herb recipe
Of course it's important to share the fruits of such labor, so we had friends over to help demolish the fare.  An evening of visiting and sharing with family and friends.  Who could ask for a lovelier way to pass the time?
It'll only be a couple months before I get to see Jeannea - she'll be back for a quick visit in August before heading to Seattle for the winter.  So I'll enjoy the summer, and look forward to fall when I get family visits again.  Yay!!

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