27 February, 2010

Rondy Run-for-Fun

It's the one year anniversary of when Greg started running races.  Last year in February he entered the Fur Rendezvous (aka Fur Rondy, or just Rondy to the locals) Frostbite Footrace (my post is here).  He didn't dress in costume this year, but wanted to run anyway as it's a big anniversary.
My reward for getting up much earlier than usual on a weekend, was breakfast at Snow City Cafe with Stacy.  Mmmm... Bacon....  (Two Eggs Any Style - scrambled with cheese - comes with choice of meat - is there any choice besides bacon?? - hashbrowns, and toast.  Plenty of fuel for the morning to come...)  As a treat, we stopped first at Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop and I had my first ever chocolate filled croissant.  I can tell that's a bad habit to start, but since it's downtown I'll be saved a bit (since I hardly ever venture that way).  They also had a bacon, cheddar, and black pepper scone that's on my list to try the next time I'm there...

After breakfast and a nice chat, Stacy and I headed into the heart of downtown.  She had to get to the parade staging ground, and I was off to root for Greg on his run.  The helpful race MC proudly announced that it was a balmy 15 degrees, and since there's always a breeze downtown (it's right by the water) it was a mite chilly.  I dressed well for the weather (I thought), but could have done much better.  The thermals under jeans didn't quite keep out the chill, and I should have worn winter boots instead of trusting to my wick-away-wool socks (that I got last year after Greg's race!) to keep my feet warm.  Maybe I'll remember next year...

I got some pictures of the racers - those people are nuts! - and will be posting the entire collection on Facebook.  Then hung around the same area, since it was on the parade route.  There were all kinds of fun entries, and it was great to see people out and about.  I waved at everyone, since they were waving at me - and because I appreciate their fortitude in the brisk morning air.  The Geocache Alaska team was towards the end of the parade, so shortly after I watched Greg and Stacy walk by, we hooked up again and I was on my way home.

We couldn't tell the butt-warmers in Stacy's car were working until almost half-way home, and then it was by the stinging in our backsides.  I've been home for almost four hours now and am just about thawed.

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