28 February, 2009

Frostbite Footrace Funtime

It's Rondy Time again! The Fur Rendezvous festival is every February. There're dog races, people races, and even outhouse races; ice bowling and ice sculptures (not at the same venue); a parade, fireworks, and more. Greg participated in the outhouse races last year (see here). I wasn't really planning on going downtown this year. Parking is nuts because there's lots of people there and they've closed roads; parades are great, but they're similar year-to-year and it's cold; Greg isn't doing the outhouse race this year. Little did I know...

For those that don't know, Greg is training to run a marathon this summer. He & his buddy (Mr. Furious, of roller derby fame), have been training together. They decided to enter the Frostbite Footrace - a 5k run during Rondy. As with the Running of the Reindeer, a huge portion of this race is the creative costumes that people wear. There were clowns, longjohns & bunny boots, fairies, tigger & eyeore (sp?), a sunny couple (she wore a bikini over her running outfit & he had a hawaiian shirt & shorts), bumblebees, and loads more.

And there was a roller derby girl with her ref. I heard that Mr. Furious couldn't get his costume to work properly. More specifically, he couldn't get his hooters to stay put - a problem many women have, but not quite the same... many find the uni-boob (sports bra) helpful when they're doing strenuous activities like running - which is what Greg used to keep his melons in place (thank goodness they're stretchy!! (I meant the uni-boob, not his tatas...)) =) So instead of a roller derby girl, Mr. Furious came as a ref. We'll see him again shortly in his official capacity, since there's a bout tonight. Wahoo!

After the race, we headed to Snow City Cafe for food and conversation. All-in-all a nice morning, even if I did have to roll out of bed tons earlier than I like to on a Saturday. The guys did great, and now they have a benchmark for progress. Summer isn't really that far away (altho I feel like we're having a setback: it's been snowing all day - we've got at least six inches of new snow and it doesn't look like it's going to quit anytime soon). And 26 miles is a fair bit farther than three.

As my prize for getting out of bed early, I promised myself a new pair of shoes. I get my Danscos from a shop downtown, but hardly ever go there - since the shoes are expensive and the shop's downtown... I know the ones I want - I even have a pair in brown already, I just want the black ones now. They don't have my size - so I put them on order, yay! And as a consolation prize I got some cool "smart" socks - they're supposed to cool my feet when it's warm, warm them when it's cold, and keep everything dry. How great is that?!?

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