28 December, 2009

Remodel Update: Office Progress - Mud & Sand

Now that the framing for the wall is done, we're focusing on the office.  Mudding, sanding, texture, paint, then flooring.  Greg took time over the long weekend to get some more work done (between movies and Game Night at the Green's - yay, Killer Bunnies!)  Finished the last coat of mud, then it has to dry for a day or two.  Then comes the sanding.

It was like an alien had invaded the house, bringing microscopic dust to coat the sawdust, sand, and grit that's already all over everything.  At least when this whole thing is done, the upstairs will have had a good cleaning.  We don't dust very frequently, but this project is going to force the issue.  I'll just wait until the end - since there's no point in doing it over and over again, right?

Now it's time to texture the new walls.  Again, here's me (the non-remodel, construction, house-builder anything) not thinking.  I figured we'd just move the furniture around as necessary, once it was time to rip up the carpet and install the flooring.  Turns out we need to move the furniture out, since spraying texture at less than two feet (my desk was in the way) is less than ideal.

So once again (see here for a previous episode) - only more so - the contents of the office are disgorged all over the living room, along with Christmas remnants and construction gear.  I'd like to add a cow and maybe a pig or two to the mix, so when it's all gone (again) it'll be as if I live in a mansion!  Greg's desk is broken down, leaning against the wall in slabs.  The computers are set up on the table and an end table.  My rickety old contraption that someone might try to call a desk is in the middle of the room, heaped with assorted construction supplies, Christmas presents, and other oddness.  (It's been a few days since the picture below, and it seems that we were never meant to have any uncovered surface - and that applies to our normal life, not just during this bit of construction.  Apparently the table is really meant for storage of "stuff" until you can't see it and are having problems finding the bills - then it's time to sort through the rubbish and clear a space.  Which will stay nice and organized for about... oh... an hour - then it's collecting again.  Maybe it's the furniture.  All our furniture is possessed.  Because it surely can't be the people, right?)

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The White Family said...

I can relate. We just painted the front room and rearranged it over the long weekend. My whole upstairs was a total mess. It even was a battle zone in the small hall.