10 February, 2008

Office Politics

We're in the process of "organizing" the office. This entails removing the flotsam and jetsam of the office into the living room so we can determine what will be replaced and what is refuse. It's much more time consuming to put things back than to take them out. That's always the case, but sometimes it seems rather daunting. I'm half tempted to just open up a (sturdy) garbage bag and pitch things in. Unfortunately, as soon as it's gone for good I'm sure I'll find that we're missing something important and life will not go on as it should... so I'll take the time to investigate the eviscerated guts..

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Rosa said...

I have this problem at home, too. In addition to general crap I have boxes and filing cabinets filled with old bills, checks, etc. that I want to get rid of but feel like I have to shred them first. When am I going to shred 400 million pieces of paper? We have talked about having a bonfire instead, but the inks probably give off toxic fumes, yada yada. Anyway I sympathize!