31 October, 2011

Picking Up Where I Left Off

It's been 3 months since I've actively blogged.  Lots of posts that I'll get to - in date order, so you might have to back track a bit to catch up, if anyone's still reading this.  I'm not sure why I lost the motivation for posting.  Some may have to do with Facebook.  Since that's so immediate and I upload pictures almost instantly, the story is already out there.  So the blog becomes a bit redundant.

The question becomes: Is this forum outdated?  Lord knows I don't blog for the massive fan-base.  It's friends and family that follow my ramblings here.  Since I'm primarily a lurker on Facebook, there's more insight into what's going on in my life with the blog.  And that was the point in the beginning.  A way to share what happens in my normal course of being with those that I care about that are far away.

So for now, it seems that I will find some motivation to continue this public journal.  Thank you for waiting.


Janet said...

I personally love blogs and following yours inspires me!!! PLEASE keep it up :-)

M said...

I love your blog. Keep posting please.