31 October, 2011

Time for Glasses Again

I'm wearing my glasses today.  I only wear glasses when my eyes need a break from my contacts - so maybe a few weeks a year, at the most.  I don't like not being able to use my peripheral vision.  And I don't know how many times today I've glanced down, only to realize I can't see and have to actually move my head.  These are some of the reasons I wear my extended-wear contacts much too long (and then have to wear my glasses for a week or so before I can put in a new pair of contacts).  I also love being able to read the glowing, digital clock when I stumble back from the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning.  And it's frustrating to forget that I'm blind (I'm not very clear headed in the mornings, and I'm already grumpy - just ask Greg), only to realize it when I stub my toes or bruise a shin.  Exercising is also even more of a chore, since wiping the sweat from my face (which I need to do quite often) either shifts the glasses - causing vertigo - or I can't get it all and have to endure hot, salty, sweat pouring down the sides of my face and leaking into my eyes.  I could go on, but since I'm going to wear these dratted things all week, I'd rather not focus much more on Why I Hate Wearing Glasses.
But it was way past time to give my eyes a break, so now I'm wearing glasses for the week.  And tomorrow I have to go to the DMV to get a new license.  Mine is expired.  And not by a day or two.  Try three weeks.  So feel free to assume that I haven't been pulled over or taken to jail in the last three weeks.  You may also rightfully assume that I have not been to the liquor store.  Otherwise, I would've known (and fixed) the problem before last Saturday's derby bout.

I was prepped and ready for the bout - made sure I had my ID, some cash, and the tickets.  We went early - although next time I have to go even earlier, since the place was packed.  Sold out again, even in the new, bigger arena.  Anyhow.  As we're being carded so we can go into the arena on the wet side, I was told (politely, yet firmly) that they could not allow me in because my license had expired.  What?!?  Sure 'nuff, I've had my birthday this year, and didn't even realize that I needed to get my license renewed.  Oh, bother!

So I got out of line and headed to the dry side.  It's much smaller over there, and the perspective is different.  I hadn't thought of it before, but there's a whole lot of people on the "wet" side of derby.  It's probably 2/3 - 3/4 of the seating.  I wonder if that implies something.  We're a rowdy bunch.  (Anchorage derby in general, not just me and my friends.)  The wet side allows underage persons - so long as minors are accompanied by legal guardians - so not everyone there is imbibing in tasty beverages. Wet side gets the taller bleacher seating (haven't seen anybody fall of yet, although one gal almost toppled off as she was trying to climb on from the backside - and it was before derby even started, so i don't think she was (too) impaired), more sets of bleachers, and most of the reserved seats and tables are in here too.  The only other derby I've attended outside of Rage City was in Washington, and there was no alcohol there, so I don't know if it's a good comparison - I mean, aside from the smashing, brawling sport of derby, that is.

I'm not sure what that says about derby, or Anchorage derby, or me.  I just know I was disappointed to be shunted over to the dry side.  Fortunately, I know a photographer that has free rein of the place, so he helped me make my way over to the fun side.  (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge - thanks, Honey!!)  Where all my friends were.  But by that time, there were only a couple seats left - so the two newbies we brought, who hadn't seen a game yet, still didn't get to see a whole game.  Next time, I promise.  I'll go earlier, and my license won't be expired.

So now the $5 question is: Will they let me take my glasses off for my new license picture?  I mean, I'd rather just keep the crappy picture I have now,  but I think I could only do that if I renewed before it actually expired.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow.


M said...

I think you look REALLY cute in your glasses.

Lori said...

The glasses person is totally different, so you could slide them off on your way to the photo booth and be set. I'm sure your license will turn out as all of ours have! Hahaha

Lori said...

Oops, I meant the photo person!