03 April, 2011

Flatlands - Chris & Janet, Part II

The weekend has flown by.  All too soon, it'll be time to pack up and head home.  We've had such a marvelous time visiting friends and meeting new people - and finally the weather is cooperating! - that I just don't want to go...
Saturday was the first day of sunshine and warmth for this whole trip.  While we've still had a fantastic adventure, getting some sun sure adds another level of enjoyment!  I'm lobster-ish now.  Well, at least on the left arm, since I was sitting at an angle.  I'm only rosy-pink on the right arm (but still blindingly white for the legs).

We watched the kids do a zip line today - including Cody, Madison, and Caleb.  I'm glad it wasn't for adults.  I'm not sure that I could've done it - but I always want to try.  Why is it that I can ride roller coasters and the ferris wheel without my insane paranoia, but bridges and edges of things (buildings, trails, etc.) cause me to panic?  {I keep thinking that someday I'll attempt the Grand Canyon Skywalk.  It fascinates me like a particularly horrible wreck, where I know I shouldn't look - because if I do whatever bad thing it is will happen to me too, only worse - but I've just got to...  If I consider how miserably I failed at crossing the Pedestrian bridge, I don't know how I can even consider the Skywalk.  I wonder if, when I get there, I'll cower in fear?  Probably.  I know I'll cry like a baby and hyperventilate - I have no control over that.  We'll have to go later in the season, so there aren't many people there.  I don't want strangers to see me like the blubbering fool I'll be.  I'm hoping I'll be at least able to get out some of the way, but what if I get out there and get paralyzed by my psychoses and can't get back?  DeepBreath.  Those are thoughts for a different day.  Today is for the zip line.}  It was fun to watch the kids.  To see the initial trepidation, then the elation as they figured out they were not going to fall and break bones, get mangled, or possibly die, then enjoy the rest of the ride.  It seems that every one of them would've gone again, if they could.  I wonder if someday that'll be me...

Janet put together a beautiful slide show of Chris through his 40 ages.  It was funny and tender and full of the love that's been permeating the weekend.  I remember Chris with long hair!  And it was fun to watch him grow up through the pictures, to become the father, friend, brother, son, man he is today.  After the show, I helped cut the cake and for his thanks, Chris made sure I got a piece of the white cake with fresh strawberries... UP MY NOSE!!  I paid in kind by ensuring he tasted the chocolate cake, and had some frosting saved in his beard for later... *grins*  And we laughed until we were red in the face and couldn't breath, then laughed some more.  It still makes me smile.  =)

It's really time to say goodbye.  To hug everyone one last time, to laugh and cry a little, to promise to keep in touch.  (I'm always well-meaning that way, but... well, it just doesn't happen.  At least I'm honest.  My fingers aren't broken, so they should be able to dial a phone - but that's never been my most comfortable medium.  I'm better sending email - but just barely, as both Janet and Shawn can attest - and I do my best work in person.  You can see the drawback there, right?)
I can hardly believe our time is already over.  I'm so glad we were able to be a part of this celebration.  To spend some time with friends long parted, but never far from our hearts.
Addendum: On 14 April, Shiloh Anne officially joined the clan - congratulations Chris and Janet!!  The following pictures are courtesy of Janet, since I was long gone from the area by then.  I just wanted to post them because, well... babies are so cute, and they're such a beautiful family (and the kids are all rainbow-ish in their bright, happy colors).

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