05 March, 2011

Dual Derby Duel

There were actually two bouts tonight for derby.  In celebration of Fur Rondy, Rage City put on a mini bout using the B team girls: the Miners vs. the Trappers.  It was loads of fun!  We arrived a bit after 6:30pm or so, and were lucky to get seats on the first row of the bleachers.  Which means most of the time we were craning to see over the people at the tables in front of us, but - on the other hand - we had good access to concessions, beverages, and restrooms...  (I totally look like some kind of freaky goofball in the picture below.  Maybe I can blame it on the excitement of the moment?  Anyhow, all pictures are courtesy of Greg and his fancy-pants camera.  I don't know why I even took mine with me, since I know it's not going to do me any good.)
Greg is One Tired Boy tonight.  He's spent most of the past week in Seattle, running around like crazy.  His dad had surgery on Friday, Greg got up early Saturday morning (like 3am) to be at the hospital for a while, then went to have breakfast, then off to the plane.  (Shout out and many, many thanks to my sisters, who provided a place to stay, wheels, and company while he was there - I owe you Big Time!!)  A little nap while flying, then he made it home in time to re-gather his gear and head out to roller derby to take awesome pictures.  Now that's dedication!!
When we arrived the place was packed!  It's good to see the sport filling up the new (larger) venue.  Now if only they could teach the concessioneers to put a bit of salt on the popcorn...  I mean, Come On!  Really?  Popcorn without a little salt is just bland.  Besides, if people are eating salty foods, they're going to be buying beverages too, right?  It's a win-win situation.  Anyhow.  That's beside the point.  It was Packed!  We were lucky to find some seats and get settled in before any of the magic started happening.

 I think there are two more bouts this season, and I'm definitely looking forward to more fast-rolling, body-slamming action.  As I learn more about rules and strategy, it becomes even more interesting to watch each bout.  Here's to another fantastic evening spent at roller derby with friends!

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