16 March, 2011

Anti-Aging Miracle

It's almost like a miracle drug.  If I could bottle and sell it, I bet I'd make a fortune! You too can look years younger in 15 minutes or less!  How can we do that, you ask?  The answer is to shave off your beard.
A couple nights ago, I came home from work and Greg was in the bathroom shaving.  When he came out, his beard was gone.  It's been *years* since I've seen him without some kind of facial hair: goatee, mustache, beard, chin-hair with no mustache (does that have a special goatee name?), and even a goatee with a stripe shaved out of the chin (that was for Halloween a while back).  First thing I asked: Did you lose a bet?  Didn't get any brownie points for that one, let me tell you...  Turns out he just wanted to do something different for a while.  And now I wish I had a beard to shave so I could look younger too.


Angie Di said...

way to go Greg!! He looks great! Don't you worry, you have no need to look 15 years younger. Besides, who wants to go back to their 20's? Not ME!!

Janet said...

Love it! It reminds me when Christopher shaved off all this facial hair the day before we got married....I hardly recognized him!