06 February, 2011

It's a Wonderful Weekend

It's been a wonderful weekend!  I feel rested and refreshed - as ready for the coming work-week as I'm ever ready for any work-week. I spent Friday night (Sewing Night) visiting with Anita.  We didn't get much (okay, any) sewing done, but had a nice time visiting.  Some crackers and cheese, a glass of wine, and some good conversation make for a relaxing, enjoyable evening.  A wonderful way to let go of the stresses of work and get ready to enjoy the weekend.

Saturday was packed with activities.  We met friends for breakfast at IHOP - it's always good to fuel the body before a long day.  From there, I went to the gym to get in my final workout of the week.  I'm training for a triathlon with M and Holly in October 2012 (I'll need that long to be in any kind of shape to actually finish the race).  I was actually stoked at the end of my workout because I'd been able to go a little bit faster (and therefore a little bit farther) than on my previous workouts.
Dirty Polli's vs. DevilsClub
After the gym, I went grocery shopping, and while I was wandering the aisles I called M to chat.  It was so lovely to shop with M - the only way it could've been better were if she were here in person (or I were there).  Someday.  Shopping done, now it's time for roller derby - yeah!!  There's a new Anchorage team - the DevilsClub - and they're my new favorites.  Mostly because Mrs. Furious is on the team, but also a little bit because their primary team color is green.  My second favorite, by just a wee bit, is the Sockeye Sallies - because they have Lethal Lavender.  Mrs. Furious is my favorite player because she's good, but also because I know her.  Lethal Lavender is also very good and I like her skating, but there's no personal connection.  And then there's the Dirty Polli's - lots of good players, which makes any bout between any of the three teams entertaining.  It's even more fun when an Anchorage team is playing a team from another city - then there's absolutely no confusion as to who to root for!  (All photos in this post are courtesy of Greg and his fancy-pants camera - if you're interested, there are *loads* more pictures here.)
 Mrs. Furious jams for the DevilsClub
Lethal Lavendar (in the purple helmet)
demonstrates her moves during half-time entertainment
I took Amy with us to the derby bout, and later Greg picked her up and took her on his photo shoot.  If she were a real person, it would've been as if she had a backstage pass.  She even got her picture taken with both the teams...  Way to go, Amy-Doll!!  (She's in the front - the gal with the orange tights is holding her.)
Derby was a blast - as usual!  My team didn't win this time, but it was close (seems to have been the theme for my sports teams this weekend).  There was plenty of action and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  On Sunday, I got up (earlier than usual) to start making cookies.  Bacon chocolate chip, of course!   By the time our guests started arriving, I was mostly done with the baking - whew!  I was rooting for the black team (Steelers), but should have known to go for the green when my team showed up in yellow instead of black.  But since most of the house was for Green Bay, I stuck with my choice so we had a little friendly rivalry.  Great company, good food, fun commercials, and a little bit of competition made for a fabulous afternoon!
As always, all good things must come to an end.  My fun-tastic weekend is drawing to a close and it's time to start thinking of the coming work-week.  The feel-good vibes I accumulated over the weekend should make Monday (at least) go a little smoother...

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