09 January, 2011


Rather than a Christmas party, each year my work hosts the Dinner Dance.  It's a gala affair to present the company's profit sharing donation and recognize all the "milestone" anniversaries (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years, etc. - we've even had a few (very few) 40 year anniversaries).  Todd was being recognized for his 10 year anniversary, so there's no way we were missing this shindig!  It's a free dinner followed by a band for dancing, and a chance to socialize with coworkers that you may not see very often.  In my circle, we call it Prom - everyone puts on fancy duds, you get pictures taken, dinner and dancing... you get the drift.
My favorite parts of Prom are people-watching and visiting after the presentations.  I enjoy watching the couples dancing - some because they're rather goofy (I envy their abandon and lack of self-consciousness), some because they're interesting (one year we had a impromptu hip-hop competition), and some because they really know how to waltz/two-step, etc. (that's one of the things on my Bucket List).  I was excited that the band this year had a horn section but the music they played did not get people up and dancing, which was a little disappointing (for the people that wanted to dance also, I'm sure).  Greg and I usually try to get in a slow dance, but they only played two - and the tempo they used on those wasn't really that slow.  Oh well.  There's always next year.

I'm bummed that I didn't get a picture of Stacy in her cute black dress, but I did feel her leg... (she had on lovely stockings with a cool pattern).  So after an enjoyable evening visiting, we moved our small party to another venue to continue the fun.  On the way out, we noticed that the weather had cooled off significantly.  Not really a big surprise, since it's January in Alaska.  The biggest distress was to my freshly-shaved legs.  Apparently, when you only shave once every few months (in the winter), that extra hair acts like insulation (or fur?) to retain body heat.  My poor legs were shocked at the change, and my pants just didn't seem to retain heat like they've done before.  Almost makes me want to invest in one of those insulated over-skirts (like the one here).
It's been a long time since we've been out until after 3am.  I can tell I'm getting older, since it took a while for me to recuperate on Sunday.  Thanks Anita, Tasha, Amanda, Stacy, Greg, James, and Todd!!  If we don't do it sooner, let's plan another get-together like this for next year...  =)

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