20 December, 2010

Solstice Eclipse

As with every year, the official start of winter is the harbinger of light and warmth for me.  On the very day that Winter is proclaimed, the tides of darkness begin to turn.  Sure, it's not noticeable for a month or so.  But deep in the marrow of my bones I know I've made it to a milestone; that the Cold Death is beginning to lose its power.  It gives me strength to last through more bitter dark and cold, knowing that the light is slowly growing and with it will come more heat (eventually).
This year's winter solstice is also historical.  It's the first time in hundreds of years that solstice included an eclipse of the full moon.  I think the next time they say this will happen is 2094 - more than 80 years from now, and I doubt I'll be around to see that one.  (Actually, I kept my limbs inside nice and cozy, and just looked at the pictures Greg took from our deck with his fancy-pants camera.)

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