03 December, 2010

It's About Time

A long, long time ago (say, two years and longer ago), I took several Mystery Quilt classes.  This is where you sign up for a class at the local quilting fabric shop.  You get a packet of fabrics and the first step of making the quilt.  You have absolutely no idea what the pattern is going to be in the beginning.  When you attend class, you get more and more of the instructions, and by the end you know the pattern and there's usually a finished product available to view.  The classes that I went to are generally a half day - definitely not long enough for me to put it all together.  But you get copies of the instructions to take home and you can finish the quilt at your leisure.  Thank goodness, since apparently my leisure is... *ages*... and my memory is not so hot after such a long break.

Well, I think I took at least four (maybe five) of the classes, and have only ever finished ONE of the quilts.  Time to get my ducks in a row and get some of these things done!
Went to Nita's to work some on my quilt.  While I was doing that, she was working on one of hers; and Payton started working on his (he'll be doing two, but they're the same pattern so he can work on them together).  It's... what... three weeks 'til Christmas?  Lots of work to do, but I think we can get it done.
The biggest problem I'll have with mine is figuring out what we did for the borders.  The instructions list two borders, but I have three border fabrics.  Fortunately for me, Sara was in this class with me (and she finished her quilt ages ago), so she can take pictures and measure the widths on her quilt.  Then I'll adjust for raw fabric and figure out what I need to do.  But that's a different day.
Today was ironing.  Lots and lots of ironing.  Three irons going for four different quilts.  It'll be a quilt making factory for a while, but it's always so nice to see the progress and feel that sense of accomplishment.

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