14 November, 2010

I'm So Glad...

...that there are people in the world who can do things that I can't.  I'd never make it as a construction worker - not enough patience and I don't "see" how it can be before there's anything but paper and pencil or raw materials; nor would I be a good salesman (of any kind) - I don't have the ability to walk up to people and find out what they need, then tailor something (a product offering or change their needs) to fit the bill; I especially would not succeed as an author - not enough patience to put my stories onto paper (and they only really sound good in my mind anyway).

But I am grateful that there are people in the world who are suited to do the things I am not.  I am glad that I have a well-built house to live in, and that my husband comes up with ideas for remodeling and does most of the work to make it happen.  It makes our house look nice and feel comfortable.  I appreciate a really good salesman (or woman) - the kind that's not pushy, but can help me better define what I'm looking for and then helps me get just that at the best value.  The kind of salesman that makes me feel like they're really interested in my concerns, and not just making a sale.  And I always enjoy curling up to read a book.  It's my escape from the grind and a way to recharge and be ready to tackle more real life.

I that vein, I present the medical field in general and my sister, the doctor, in particular.  No way in heaven would I be fit or able to be a nurse or doctor.  M has been a nurse and is now a doctor.  She has compassion combined with great integrity, and something else that's just part of who she is, and this combination creates something magical that I will most assuredly never attain.  But I'm glad it's there; I'm awestruck that there are people who can do what doctors and nurses do - and actually thrive in that environment; and I'm hopeful that should I ever be in need, I will find someone like that to help me.

An excerpt from a recent obituary (italics and bold are my own addition):  The family wished to express their gratitude to Dr. Tso, Dr. Breeden, and all the caring SJRMC 4th floor doctors and nursing staff for their kindness and care.  A special thank you to Dr. Amy Plagge for allowing our loved one to pass with grace, respect and dignity.
I know this post is not about me or happenings around me. I just wanted to share. I'm proud for M. I'm proud of M. And she would never post anything about this, but I'm glad she shared it with me. She's a damn fine doctor. I'm glad that there are people like her in the world, and I'm especially glad that M is part of my world.

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