28 November, 2010

Christmas Is Getting Closer

I wasn't sure we were going to decorate for Christmas this year, but Greg surprised me by bringing up the decorations on Thanksgiving.  We waited to put them up until today, since part of our tradition is to put in Christmas music and have some eggnog while we're putting up the tree.  I've been thoroughly enjoying the music and am *so* happy to have my decorations up.  I'm excited for our "Twelve Movies of Christmas" - that starts on the 12th, so we watch the last one on Christmas Eve.  It's a new tradition and we're still working out the finer points, but I'm excited nonetheless. 
We have some of my all-time-favorite CDs in rotation right now: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve and Other Stories; Jimmy Buffet - Christmas Island; Garth Brooks - Beyond the Season; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Everything You Want for Christmas; Chris Isaak - Christmas; and a new album: The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Christmas Comes Alive.  There's nothing like some good tunes to get me in the Christmas spirit!  If you care to contribute (the few out there reading this), I'd be interested to know what some of your favorite Christmas artists/albums are.
Now to sit back, enjoy the lights, listen to some good music, and enjoy the eggnog.  Oh!  And try to keep the cats out of the tree (always a losing proposition, but we've got to try)...


M said...

I really like Allan Jacksons' song Let It Be Christmas. The whole album is good.

Aaron said...

You know. I would be interested in your rules for the 12 movies of Chirstmas. Seems like it could be fun. I need to start working on some "traditions" of my own now that Mari and I have two daughters.