18 October, 2010

Vacation - Remodel

We left late Friday night (actually early, early Saturday morning), arrived at mom's house by 10am, and proceeded to work until after 11pm.  Lots of demolition on Day 1.  Day 2 was even longer - at the house by 9am, back to the hotel by 2am this morning.  With showers and whatnot, morning came WAY TOO EARLY.  But today, we were able to start a little later (10am), and we knocked off early - had to clear out of the house for the painters to do the trim, so we went to dinner.  Back at the hotel by 9:30pm... Greg's already asleep, and I'll follow shortly.  Just wanted to post a few pictures of what we've done so far.
Sheri pulling up the linoleum
 Aaron & his t-shirts...
 1st Blister - and 1st injury of the project
  Aaron & Greg working in the bathroom
 More worker bees...
Auntie Sheri with both nieces
My pictures tonight are just to get something on the blog - not everyone is represented, and there's loads more to document the various states of construction. Will post more as I can.  Time for me to go to bed - we're starting early tomorrow (painting the walls and lots of bathroom work) and who knows how long the day will be... At least we're having fun together!  =)

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