21 September, 2010

Sister Visit Part II

I *so* appreciate the family visits I get because some of my siblings work seasonally in Alaska.  It gives me something to look forward to every spring and fall.  Sara just came through to spend a few days with us, and we had a fabulous visit!  Her visit was shorter than usual, since she needs some extra time for apartment hunting in Seattle and the family get-together in October in Utah.  So I get fewer days now, but I'll get to see her again (along with practically my whole family) when we're remodeling my mom's house.  Bittersweet, but acceptable.
Because the weather is still nicer than it was earlier this summer (lots of fog now, but at least not rain), we moved the firepit down into the yard and spent more than one evening sitting around a fire visiting with friends.  Greg had plans for big hikes, but was kind enough to chop up enough wood for some good fires before he went.  Most of the wood was bits & pieces of our home remodel project from last winter.  I think there were three doors, several lumber bits, and firepit-sized pieces of plywood - all of which burns HOT!  Makes for a nice - although somewhat aromatically diverse - fire.  But the marshmallows still roast just fine!!  =)  (I got a picture of his leg when he returned, because he was so dirty that it looked like he had a tan line.)
Sara and I had some good conversations and spent as much quality time together as we could while she was here.  I'm looking forward to seeing the whole family in about a month - and now it's time to start the anticipation of the spring visits.  It gives me yet another pleasant idea to focus on during the long, dark, cold days.

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