06 September, 2010

King Mountain Campout

For my second (and final) campout of the season, I went to King Mountain with Todd and Anita.  It's been such a rainy summer that I was really glad the weather seemed like it was going to behave for the weekend.  Friday was absolutely gorgeous.  In fact, I meant to go to work... even got to the parking lot... where I decided that there wasn't really that much work for me to do, and it wasn't critical for me to stay.  So I called my folks and let them know that I wouldn't be in (apparently sun-itis can strike randomly and hard, especially when your summer has been drenched in rain and you think you're developing webbed feet).  Then I took a lovely drive out to the campground.
There's just something wonderfully relaxing about being outside, sitting around a fire, visiting, and watching the stars come out at night.  It's so peaceful.  Even though I'm not in my big, fancy, memory-foam, spring-loaded bed, (and there might be bears), I sleep really well when I'm camping.  Unless my nose or toes get cold, of course.  (It also seems that I need less sleep - I generally get fewer hours of sleep per night, but wake up earlier and more refreshed than I would at home.  Must be the crisp, clean air...)
Anyhow.  We picked King Mountain again this fall so we could go to the fair.  What?  The fair, you say?  Haven't you already been there?  Yup.  Going twice this year!  I'm for sure going to repeat on the cheese curds, pickles, and pretzel.  Everything else depends on whatever strikes my fancy...
We interrupt this post about camping to bring you an update on my 2nd trip to the fair...
More face-painting, more eating, more fun.  The pregnant cow was gone (off to give birth?) and an even bigger pumpkin was on display (1101 lbs. - a new state record - instead of 902).  Also more rain.
But we had some ponchos and of course the vendors are going to be prepared for our typical fair weather.  Gloves, knit caps, full-size umbrellas, ball caps,and elasticized umbrella caps... there were any number of ways to keep from being drenched.  (Not so much luck staying dry, but damp was fine.)
And apparently I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Did I learn my lesson from last week about bringing dry socks and shoes?  Nope.  Feet so wet I was sloshing and the soles were itchy by the time we were done with our fair excursion.  Maybe I'll figure it out in time for the fair next year...
We now return you to your regularly scheduled camp trip to King Mountain....
It's amazing how well a warm fire works for drying out the dampness of a rainy day spent at the fair.  Of course, it helps to get clean, dry socks so after your feet are de-pruned you can slip into some nice, fire-warmed socks and dry shoes.  A little relaxing, more chatting, and some game-play makes for a really enjoyable evening.
We were originally planning to head home on Sunday, to have Monday free to unpack and get ready for the work week.  Plans changed when I found out Greg was coming home from his hike excursion early, and they'd be passing right by the camp ground.  (That's some authentic frontier gibberish)  The group stopped in to visit for a bit, dumped my husband and his gear, then headed out.  And our small group decided that  it was worth one more night of camping before we headed back to reality. (You don't see that everyday)
Turns out, the best weather of the whole weekend (aside from the fabulous Friday drive) was on Monday.  I'm grateful we opted to stay the extra day.  Between the good weather, marvelous companionship, and relaxing atmosphere, that did more to get me ready for the coming week than any amount of housework and clean laundry could have done.  (Can't talk! Drinkin'...)
Now it's time to clean the gear and pack it away for the winter.  (Nope.)  Maybe next year's weather will allow for more than two campouts.  Although, if we only get two, may they be as enjoyable and lovely as this one.  (Hell, yeah! Got a wiener dog.)

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The White Family said...

I love camping. Wish we could do it more often as well.