13 September, 2010

Blueberry Fun Day

We're finally getting some rain-free weather - just in time for fall.  Wish we could've enjoyed more of it during the summer, but I'm glad we're at least getting some now.  It gives me a little hope that this winter may not be as bleak as I've been thinking.  With the nice day today, we definitely had to do something outdoors to bask in the golden glow... so we headed up to Flattop to hike Blueberry Loop.
I think this is only the second time this summer that I've been up to do the Loop - maybe the first, since the one time I remember Jennifer and I headed that way, then turned around and went elsewhere because of the big, dark clouds.
 The weather was *perfect* for our little hike!  Lots of sun and warmth, with a breeze to cool the sweat from our brows.  If I didn't know better, I'd've thought it was a balmy summer day.  But everywhere we looked, there were reminders that this is fall - beautiful colors, but a slap in the face that winter is coming fast.
Because the cold and snow come even earlier at these higher elevations, this will probably be the last jaunt around the Loop for this summer.  Man, I sure hope that next summer provides better weather for hiking and enjoying the out-of-doors, but I'm also grateful that we've had the few opportunities this fall to shake off the wet & dreary, and enjoy some warmth & sun before we're socked in with the dark, cold, & snowy.

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