01 August, 2010

Dave's Visit

Dave came up to Alaska to work in Dillingham for the summer.  It's a great chance to save money, since they work lots of hours and there's not a whole lot of places to spend the money.  I didn't get to see him on his way up, but he made sure to give me a couple days on his way back home.  Always, always nice to see family!
I'm grateful he didn't mind sleeping on the couch, since the spare bedroom is still crammed full of things that haven't made their way back upstairs yet.  (I'm thinking we need to get rid of a lot of what's left down there.  Haven't used or needed it for more than six months, and I like the less-cluttered look we have right now.)  We had company over Friday night for a barbecue, visiting, and a game of Killer Bunnies; movies and a fire on the deck on Saturday; and all too soon it's Sunday morning - time to get breakfast and head to the airport.

I love this time of year, even though it's bittersweet.  Dave came through and we had a chance to catch up and visit; in a couple weeks, Jeannea will be here for a short visit; a couple weeks after that, Sara will be here for a bit; and a couple weeks after that, we'll be heading to UT to see everyone...  YAY!  But it's also sad, because it means that summer is almost over.  I have to get ready for the cold and dark, and won't see family again until next April.  But I get ahead of myself... right now, I'm glad I had some time with Dave and I'm looking forward to having Jeannea come visit!


Angie Di said...

Hey penny! It is your cousin Angie. I follow your blog religiousely and love to see what is going on in you life. I hope we can get together when you come to town.

FYI, salt lake has roller derby. We went to a game a few months ago and LOVED it!! Maybe we should hit a game while you are here.

Hope to see you soon!

Angie Kirkman

Penny said...

We should *definitely* get together while we're down. When I have a better idea of the itinerary and our free time, I'll let you know (how do I get in touch with you?) so we can make plans... =)