03 August, 2010

Chilkoot Chums

I've heard stories for the last couple of years about Greg's trip to hike the Chilkoot trail.  It's been more frequent recently, since he's planning another trip to do the same thing (end of August).  The trail is 33 miles long, starting just outside Skagway, Alaska, up and over Chilkoot Pass to Bennett, British Columbia.  It's a trail that was heavily used for access to the gold fields in the 1890s.  Now it's a hikers dream and a National Historical Landmark, apparently drawing people from all around the world.
Trail Map
Trail Profile
I found the map and trail profile here, which has some interesting information.  Particularly regarding people who do the hike in a day; or more amazingly, hike there and back in one day. Based on the trail profile, I'm glad Greg and his group are taking time (and took time on the last trip) to enjoy the route.  Maybe someday I'll make the trip, but rest assured that I, also, will not be doing it in only one day.

Anyhow.  When Greg, Tony, and Brian did the hike a couple years ago, they met and hiked with Steve and Inga, who are now vacationing in Alaska (including hiking Bomber Glacier - call me before 10pm on  Friday, so I know you're okay... otherwise I'll assume I need to send someone out to rescue you!!).  Greg's been super-excited to get together for dinner, and I admit to being curious about the people he's talked so much about.
L to R: Tony, Steve, Inga, Greg
Dinner was a marvelously enjoyable event.  (One would hope so, since we were visiting for more than four hours!)  It's always delightful to meet people and construct new friendships. It seems we have lots in common - even me, the non-hiker in the group - and therefore conversation was flowing the entire evening.  I hope the rest of your vacation is full of adventure and fun, Steve and Inga, and maybe someday we'll make it Down South to visit you there...

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