27 July, 2010

Life Lesson #354: Read the Signs

Do you ever play games on the way in to work to determine whether or not it's going to be a good day?  I mean, as if having to get out of bed doesn't start it out wrong to begin with.  Then sleeping too late, rushing to get ready, trying not to get too sweaty after getting out of the shower, cleaning around the eyes from the mascara that didn't make it to the lashes (I'm not a big fan of the microfiber brushes they have now)...  running out of coffee, cold water for the shower, and getting your hair caught in the drawer pull as you're rising from putting down food for the cats...

On my normal route to work, there are nine stop lights.  On average, I hit six of those lights green.  And I do ratios as I'm getting closer.  One light red 1/1; one light green 1/2 - that's 50%; another green light - 2/3 for 66.67%; etc.  (Side note: it's amazing that when you only have a small pool of numbers, any detractor causes a significant drop in percentage that is never really recovered.  Makes me think those pop quizzes in school that counted for so much of a grade were really unfair.  Ten questions, I miss two and I'm already down to a B.  Five questions, miss one and it's a B; two and you've practically failed.)  The even and smaller numbers are easier to convert to percentages - it's a bit more difficult when I get to 7 or 9, but I have it all worked out before I get into the parking lot.

Like I said, most days I get six of nine (2/3 or 66.67%) green lights.  There are some days that I'm luckier and get 7 or 8 green lights.  On those days, I make sure to circle the parking lot, since I just *know* there's going to be a spot right up front for me.  And in more than 6 years of working at this location, there has only been ONE time when I made all nine lights green.  That was an amazing day.

On the other hand, there are days (like today) that only make 5/9 (55.55%) - and the few rare 4/9 days (44.44%).  If I'd been paying attention to the signs, I would've realized that I should just go home and crawl back in bed.


The White Family said...

When I used to drive from Bountiful to Springville. I would add up the numbers on the license plates. I sometimes did multiplication and if I was really ambitious I would average.

Penny said...

Sweet! I'll have to give that a try on my next road trip... =)