06 July, 2010

The Grand Finale

Instead of going to downtown Seattle with the rest of the gang, on Sunday (4th of July) I chose to spend the day with my friend Holly and her family.  I've known Holly since I was 12 - longer than practically any other person outside my blood family.  We don't get together very often - and that includes email, snail-mail, phone calls or visits - but I try to work in a get-together whenever we're in the Seattle area, even if it's just a meal between flights.  =)  By opting out of further geocaching events, that meant more time for visiting with friends.  YAY!
 When we arrived at the Gorski household (Sheri and Phil accompanied me on my adventures), we were immediately asked our preference for a puppet show: shadow puppets or real puppets.  We ended up getting both, from the imaginations of the two older boys (the baby is only a few months old, so he's not interested in participating... yet...).  So cute!
Sheri and I spent the rest of Sunday and the better part of Monday (up until it was time to go to the airport) visiting.  Nothing super-exciting, but all of it enjoyable as I reconnected with Holly and her family.  They're so great!  Sheri was wonderful with the baby - if he was fussy at all, he'd settle right down and go to sleep when she was holding him.  For me, the first encounter was the usual: semi-sleepy, content child gets handed off to me and less than 30 seconds later he's upset and crying.  Hand off to Sheri and 30 seconds after that he's happy and drifting off to sleep again.  I did get in some holding time where the baby wasn't fussy - which happens so infrequently that it's practically a miracle.  Seems that once the babies get to toddler and older they're okay with me, but the small ones and I just have some kind of issue...
One of the bits I'll remember fondly about this visit: Holly, Sheri, and I were in the kitchen warming up pizza for lunch.  The oldest had been sent to his room for some type of misbehavior.  He sent a note out via Corey to Holly that read something like this: Please quit toking (talking) and make lunch.  Very funny in retrospect (and I totally wish I'd taken a picture of his note), but let's just say he didn't get out of his room any sooner...  =)  After some tears and making up, lunch was a happy, energetic event.  Holly and Corey certainly have their hands full with the three boys, and the baby isn't even mobile yet. I can only imagine...
With enough time to collect Greg from his hiking adventure and get our luggage loaded in the car, we met up again at The Cheesecake Factory.  First time I've been there, and it was tasty!  We'll have to go again sometime, when we've got a bit more time to relax and visit.  After mechanical issues with the plane, we made it home safe and sound.  Greg even got to nap for an hour before he had to get up and go to work (I took the day off).  The highlights of this trip for me are related to the people I was spending my time with:
  • Sheri's foaming toothpaste that tried to kill me the first time I used it (there *is* such a thing as too much toothpaste, especially for the foaming kind where a little goes a very long way)
  • The Lighthouse Tour with Sheri and Greg
  • Scoping out the wild outfits at GeoWoodstock with Chachee and Sheri
  • Spending time with Holly and her family
All in all, a superb trip with plenty of happy memories.  And now it's back to the daily grind.  =)


The White Family said...

I loved the bit about the quit talking and make lunch note. Sounds like you had a good time.

Penny said...

It was a very enjoyable trip. If Zane had been much older, that comment would've been either sarcastic or deserving of a smack upside the head... but his earnest little face trying to explain was priceless (altho he didn't get off the hook). =)