04 July, 2010


A whole day surrounded by geocaching enthusiasts.  My vision of the event is it's going to be like a small scale fair combined with a trip to WalMart - a festive atmosphere with tents and booths where you can hardly move without bumping into someone.  I'm *SO* glad Sheri is biting the bullet to come with me.  She doesn't cache at all, and I'm not an enthusiast like Greg.  Oh, I'm so not looking forward to the crowds...

After some mighty fine bacon with a tasty breakfast, we made it to Remlington Farms in Carnation, Washington - the location of this year's GeoWoodstock.  After being there for about a half hour, I could feel the walls closing in.  Complete strangers were coming up to see where I was from and how I liked caching there.  It seemed like I couldn't turn around without either bumping into someone or being accosted.  But here comes Sheri to the rescue!  In addition to hanging with me for the day, she came up with some alternative entertainment: Sheri, Chachee and I spent the rest of the day scoping out and taking pictures of the wildest outfits we could find.  =)
Turns out our first specimen (the fellow in the orange shirt with the bowling pin - he goes by Gomer) is a friend of Greg's from Florida.  He and his cohorts drove cross-country to attend the festivities.  Now that's dedication! After a while, Sheri and I parked it on the lawn while the rest of our buddies took off for a "team" caching event - they came in 4th out of 8 teams.  Not so bad...  Chachee even won a raffle prize - yay!!
Aaron and Team Purple Heading Out
Chachee Returns with Her Prize
 All in all, it wasn't a bad day.  I definitely don't need to attend another GeoWoodstock (Honey, if you want to go, you're on your own!), but it was fun to spend time with friends and I especially enjoyed the time with Sheri.  So glad she could get the time off for the weekend, and consented to hanging around with crazy cachers.  =)

For dinner, we stopped in at Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in (recommended by Gomer) for burgers.  Definitely worth the stop!!  Great rootbeer, great shakes, great burgers.  Greg had one almost as big as his head - the Cutlass 442 with a beef patty, hot dog, slab of ham, bacon, and topped with grilled onions.  We all hurt watching him finish.  (Read the fine print on the warning sign below - advice worth following!)  I'll definitely keep this spot in mind for future trips down South.
On tap for tomorrow: Split the group.  Greg, Aaron, and Chachee are going to do more geocaching events while Sheri, Phil, and I head out to visit my friend Holly and her family.  Time for some shopping!!  =)

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