06 June, 2010

Sunday Productivity

I felt the need to be a little bit productive today.  I mean, more than just tending my crops and beating people up on Facebook; more than settling in to finish one of the two books I'm currently reading; more than what I normally enjoy on a lazy Sunday-afternoon-before-I-go-back-to-work-on-Monday.

It's relatively nice today, if a wee bit windy, so maybe some outdoor chores will fit the bill.  I need to finish planting my flowers, and they need some water (since the rain forecast for the last couple days didn't materialize); I have some Weed B Gone that I need to spray on the lawn before the 2-foot-tall dandelions in the neighbor's yard go to seed; the annual flowerbed (Greg's domain) is growing well, but could probably use some weeding and watering...  I'll start my productivity in the out-of-doors.
It took some time, and I think tomorrow my muscles will remind me of the work I've done today, but the flower planting is finished!  I had the help of a weasel...
...which looks like it could be a nasty weapon, if someone ever attacks me while I'm prepping the front flower bed for planting.  Poor little flowers were dry as a bone by the time I got them in the dirt.  But now they're fertilized and watered, so I can only hope my neglect is short-lived.
I also washed the glass in the sliding door, which removed the last remnants of the mini-volcanic dust explosion we caused last Fall from trying to use the shop vac without a filter (definitely NOT recommended - unless you need a good laugh and want some extra cleaning to do).  I even cleaned the rails (inside and out) for the doors.  It's amazing how much dirt and grime can accumulate (and a dead bee - wonder how long that was there?!?) in such a small space over the course of a year or so.  It took at least two dozen Q-Tips and several paper towels to get it mostly clean.  It disturbs me some that I can't get it all out, but the only way I can see to get it as clean as I want is to dismantle the door (which is way too much effort, so I'm telling myself to be content with where it's at now - and that's already at least 95% better than it was before).

I'm satisfied with my productivity for the day - I even made dinner (pasta and garlic bread - how hard can that be?) - so now it's time for some farming before bed...  =)

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