20 June, 2010

Mayor's Marathon Run

A year ago Greg ran his first marathon (see my post here).  So even though he's participated in several runs already this season, and even though he opted to only run a half marathon, this one was special to him.  Which means that I again left the warm, sleepy haven of my bed (up by 7am - much earlier than is warranted on a Saturday morning) to provide moral support.
In my semi-awake fog, I didn't run any of the participants over, and I was only grouchy once - when Greg was asking about my silence.  My reply (in a slightly surly tone): It's morning, I'm not awake, and I haven't had enough caffeine yet!  But once we were on site, it was hard not to catch some of the enthusiasm floating in the air.  Glad I wasn't participating, but the excitement and energy from everyone there was contagious.
According to the announcers at the race, there were a record number of entrants in the half-marathon - 1900 runners.  All those crazy people up way too early on a drizzly Saturday morning.  I suppose the cool, slightly damp weather was better for running than a warm sunny morning would have been...
If you open the picture above so it's larger, you'll be able to see the two arrows I put over Greg and Jeff.  I was trying to get a shot of them taking off, but lost them in the crowd.  I just happened to notice that Jeff had already passed me, so turned my camera and snapped a quick shot hoping I could find Greg in there somewhere too.  I was lucky.  He's just barely in the frame.  Sweet!!

Killing time for me included a trip to the convenience store for some Rock Star and then to work for an hour or so.  Then back to the finish line, in the hopes that I'll be able to watch them finish.  I was really lucky.  When I pulled into the parking lot, there were no spaces available.  A lady on the sidewalk flagged me down and asked for a ride closer to the event area.  Turns out she's a massage therapist and needs help hauling her table and gear so she can help rub down the finished racers.  Handy for me, in that I got past a police barricade (and got a really close parking spot); handy for her, in that I got her as close as you could get in a vehicle - and other support people were there to help her carry her gear.  =)  Without that fortuitous event, I wouldn't have been able to find a spot and hike to the finish area in time to get pictures of the finish.
Greg finished the 13.1 miles stiff and sore (he's still hobbling just a bit), in 2:30 and change.  One would think that after a celebratory lunch, he'd head home to soak in a tub and relax.  If that's the case, one does not know Greg.  He changed clothes in the car on the way downtown to photograph the roller derby bout that was part of the Summer Solstice Festival.  I dropped him off and then went home to take a nap.  =)

Congratulations, Greg and Jeff!! 

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