03 June, 2010

Let the Planting Commence

Whenever I buy my flowers, I wonder if I got enough for my pots and the front bed.  This year was no different.  With the flats all grouped together on the deck, it always looks as if it's going to be sparse when I get to the flower bed and I may have to pick up a few more.  Then somehow they multiply.

I spent an hour filling the pots tonight.  I gave new homes to 28 plants and have two full flats and a partial left over.  That's another 42 more (yes, the answer to the universe and so much more).  That's three rows of 14 (spaced 5" apart in my 6' bed); or two rows of 15 and one of 12; or four rows of 10 with two squished in somewhere... So many options, and I don't think I'll be needing an emergency trip to the flower store.  =)
I'm done for tonight, but hope to have the front bed planted before the weekend.  Then it's up to the wee buds to unfurl their little roots and make me some blooms!

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