12 June, 2010

In Honor of...

Mom Morgan
Aunt Carol

Note: Just noticed (thanks, Janet!) that I put those I was walking for on the "In Memory" side - indicating they had died.  This is not the case for either - they're both survivors and admirable (breathing, heart-beating) women.  My participation in the walk, and this post, is In Honor of Mom Morgan and Aunt Carol.

Today was the annual AK Run for Women - an event held to support survivors of and victims to breast cancer alike, as well as a fund raiser for research for the cure.  Each year I participate, I marvel at the many, many lives touched by breast cancer, and the many, many people who love and support those that have suffered.  I watched a father and small child in front of us, walking in memory of a loved one.  Could be a mother, a sister, a wife, an aunt...  A sea of pink ball caps indicated those directly affected - you couldn't look in any direction, except to find someone who has battled (or is battling) breast cancer.
It is touching and awe-inspiring to see so many people brought together for such a cause.  I am moved almost to tears at the thought of the love and support this means, and can't help but think "There, but for the grace of God, go I".  My heart is full and my prayers today are for each of these women, most especially the ones I know: Greg's mom, and my Aunt Carol.

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