02 May, 2010

While You Were Out

Greg has been gone all week.  He went down to Florida for some Blackberry training for work.  I wish I could've gone with him - I would've spent his whole training time down in Davie with Chad, Angie, Abby, and Max, then hooked up with him for the fun bits.  =)  I'm glad he was approved for the training, and I'm glad he got to tack on a couple extra days to do some of the fun stuff while he was there.  (He'd better be bringing me updated pictures of my cousins, or he's in *big* trouble...)

While he was gone, I fully intended to be productive.  And I was.  Just not on all the house stuff that was my original plan.  Instead I...
...bakes cookies and went to Chachee's birthday party.  Yay, Chachee!!  =)  I spent the rest of the weekend with Anita, shopping and playing and quilting.  Then I...
...stayed up late visiting, so when I got home I took a cool picture of the moon as it was sliding behind the clouds and infusing the edges in a faerie glow.

I did take a little time to get the kitchen boxes unpacked and back into the cabinets.  They're in place for the summer, so I started putting the kitchen back together.  One night of house-productivity.  Then on to more visiting.  M and I had a nice chat on Saturday.  I really should call her more often, as I love talking to her - it always makes my day!  And then, this weekend...
 ...Nita and I made more cookies to send to family (Jeannea & Sara, watch for your packages - we mailed them today...).  I also had to go in to work today - that's my excuse for not getting any painting done (today, anyway).  I also got a picture of the buds on the trees.  It's finally getting warm enough that things are starting to bloom.  Spring is here - YAY!!
I'm glad he got to go and I hope he had a good time, but I'm even happier that he's coming home tonight.  I've missed him.

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