23 May, 2010

Flower Power

We're enjoying some really nice weather this weekend.  Which means it's time to start thinking about planting flowers... which in turn means a trip out to Forget Me Not Nursery in Indian.  What a lovely trip!!
I wanted to get my flowers a little earlier this year than last, when I waited until after Memorial Day weekend (and our first camping trip of the season) - by then, it was slim pickin's everywhere I went for flowers.  For this year, going earlier meant this weekend (since next weekend we're camping - yay!!), and it was perfect for a road trip.
Forget Me Not Nursery is about 30 minutes south of Anchorage.  The drive is along the Turnagain Arm (in Cook Inlet), where at various times you can either see whales, dahl sheep, cliff climbers, and mini waterfalls.  It's a gorgeous area.  The nursery has a new flower display every year.  Last year, the flowers made a clock (see my post here), this year it's a sailboat.
The people are really friendly and the flowers are always well-tended.  I found a fairly good selection, and I'm pleased with my purchases.  If I'd come even earlier, there would've been some other items that I was interested in (like the purple - or "blue" that looks deep purple - supertunias).  As it was, I got a good selection and I'm getting excited to plant my flowers...
The rest of the evening was also very enjoyable.  We met friends for dinner to celebrate Anita's birthday - hope it was a good one, my friend! - then did a little geocaching.  We introduced two n00bs to the game... Apparently there's a geocaching app for the iPhone ("there's an app for that").  Not sure how accurate it is compared to a standard GPS, but it sure is handy.  =)
My favorite part of caching is the sights I realize I would've missed, had I stayed home.  Last night was no exception.  It was a beautiful night, and Sleeping Lady was out in all her grandeur.  I couldn't ask for a better way to end an exceptional day!

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