19 May, 2010

Doors Galore

Way back in January we put in the office door, then took it out again in February because of the flooring.  Since then, we've also removed the pantry door (but not the bathroom door, thank goodness!).  Now that the flooring is done, it's time to put the doors in so we can get the trim done.

Doors are tricky.  The concept is relatively straight forward, but the execution is tougher.  I understand that the shims are to hold space between the frame.  I understand that the door frame is not necessarily square, so the gap going 'round jamb will not be uniform.  All this gap stuff is important because it determines how the door opens & closes; if the door handle tongue lines up with the slot in the jamb; whether or not the door sticks when it closes.  It all comes down to  shims and gaps - they're what's responsible for the ease-of-use for doors.
Pantry Door
 Understanding the theory, and putting it to use are two entirely different aspects of door installation.  I get the theory.  I'm not so good at the execution.  For the life of me, I can't figure out the gap stuff.  I mean, I know if I put in a shim it'll hold a particular size gap.  That gap will adjust the fit of the door in its frame.  But if I put the shim in low, does it affect something on the opposite side, higher up?  Or does it affect the same side, low-down?  Or will it have something to do with the middle?  It's got to have some logic, like pool - hit the cue ball in one way at a particular angle and you get a predictable result.  For the life of me, I can't figure out the shims and gaps of door installation.  Good thing that's part of Greg's job...
Office Door
I honestly tried to be extra helpful installing the doors.  I don't think I made it.  Part way through, I told Greg I was going to make brownies and to let me know when he needed my help.  I did some holding-this here, and some checking-that there, but otherwise it was all Greg.  Two doors done the first night.  Only the bathroom door left - and for that we have to remove the old door so we can install the new solid-core door (for extra privacy in the privy).
Bathroom Door
Looks like James came over to help with the bathroom door.  I'm seriously grateful, as I was *not* looking forward to trying to figure out how to gap and shim the solid door.  Sure, Greg would've done most of it, but it would be my brain exploding because it was trying (and failing) - yet again - to grasp something outside its sphere of knowledge.  So I left for work one morning, then when I came home the door was installed (as if by magic) and I had new pictures on the camera that include James.  It's done.  Yay!!
Installing Trim
And now we're installing the trim.  I thought we'd start in the office - so we can get that room completely done.  That's what I get for thinking.  Greg pointed out that it's smarter to start in the living room area, so we don't have to move stuff around a bunch of times.  Good point.  Progress is slower than ever because it's summer and we're currently enjoying some really nice weather.  Who wants to work indoors when you can be out in this weather??

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