17 April, 2010

MS Walk and the Derby

Jeannea's Spring visit usually corresponds with the fundraising walk for Multiple Sclerosis.  This is the first of many charity walks that I sign up for - mostly so I have an excuse to get some extra (or any) exercise.  Being that it's April, the weather is unpredictable.  It's best to dress for chilly weather (and be prepared for cold rain), so if it's sunny you can peel layers and enjoy (but if not, you're not miserable).
Even with my multiple layers (or perhaps because of my multiple layers), the walk was brisk but pleasant.  I was told it's a little over 4 miles.  A little chilly to start, but once we got moving I warmed right up!  This walk takes us around Lake Hood, the float plane lake that's next to Anchorage International Airport.  I always find it fascinating to see the big jumbo jets taking off in the sky and the little two-seaters on the lake.  An interesting contrast.
As a special treat, Jeannea happened to be in town for the last roller derby bout of the season.  Anchorage's Rage City Rollergirls vs. Edmonton's Oil City Derby Girls.  The first bout that we took Jeannea (and Sara and Sheri) to was when Rage City went to Seattle to play.  We had a blast, but it's always better on the home court, so I was excited to have her be able to go.
As usual, we went early to get good seats.  Good thing - doors open at 6pm and the derby doesn't start until 7pm, but by 6:10pm the best seats in the house are taken.  Once again, it was a sellout crowd - great news!
This was the most exciting bout of the season!  There was never more than a 20 point spread in scores, and in the very last two minutes we went from tied to down one to win by four!!!  Super plays, loud crowds, and rowdy girls!  The Edmonton team was fantastic (I'm hoping we try to recruit a few of them - interested, Tie Dye?) and our girls played their hearts out...  I was hoarse by the end of the evening.  =)
To round out the day, Stacy met us for dinner (James was already with us at derby) and we got to enjoy more good company and good food.  We went for sushi.  I'm finding that I rather enjoy the sushi rolls - as long as the fish is cooked.  It's not that I don't enjoy the raw fish, I just can't bring myself to try it. *shudder*
In between all the drama and the fun, Greg was busy too (is he ever anything but busy??).  He ran the course for the MS Walk and got a bit done on the flooring before heading to derby to photograph, then met us for dinner.  Next post will be an update on the remodel progress...

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