03 April, 2010

I'm a Texture Girl

I don't like foods that have an odd texture.  Too gooey (unless it's caramel), too rubbery, too waxy and I won't eat it.  Wall texture is another thing altogether.  First off, you don't eat it (at least, you're not supposed to eat it and I haven't tried).  Secondly, walls just look better with some texture.  Not sure what the original purpose in wall texture was (hide imperfections, maybe?), but ceiling texture I know was for sound deadening.  Now that the mudding and sanding are done (YIPPEE!!), texturing the new surfaces is the next step.
James came over to help Greg rearrange (yet again) what little furniture is left upstairs and get it covered in plastic.  No use texturing the couch or the fridge...  By the time I got home and we ate dinner (lots of delivery or take out recently because the stove isn't accessible), the cats and I were relegated to the bedroom downstairs and Greg was sealed in upstairs.  Thank goodness for laptops and wireless connections!  =)
As usual, the prep and cleanup took longer than the entire time it took to spray the texture.  And the picture below is proof positive that I can run the Shop Vac!  =)

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