19 April, 2010


The work done Friday evening, Saturday (between the MS Walk and Roller Derby), and all day Sunday was installing flooring.  There's not much more to say.  I mean, there's a little bit.  Like: Thanks for the help, James!  He was here all day on Sunday helping with various bits and pieces.  But mostly, this post will be pictures showing the progress over the last couple of days.  It's amazing.  It's exciting!  It's phenomenal!!
There's still a bit to be done, but it seems like it's coming together quickly now.  I know that's because we're to the part that "shows".  Like in painting - the trim and edging take forever, and when you finally get to rolling it gets done lickety-split.  As of Sunday night, here's what we have left:  finish installing the flooring; seal the slate; hook up the water in the kitchen for the sink and the fridge; install the transitions; paint and install the trim; paint and install the doors.  Greg has been working really hard and done a marvelous job!!
On another note, I took Jeannea to the airport this morning.  She's on her way to Silly Dilly for the summer.  It was *so* nice to have both Sara and Jeannea here to visit me...  and they're good sports too - not only to put up with the Construction Zone, but they were cheerfully willing to help out.  I always feel good when they come to visit, and a little sad and lonely when they leave.  But it's only a few short months and they'll be stopping in again - this time to luxuriate in the finished-for-the-summer look and feel of the house.  More comfortable, and MORE PLAY!!  =)  Be safe, Girls - see you soon!!

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