16 April, 2010

Girl's Day, Girls' Visit

I've been looking forward to April for lots of reasons.  April, while dirty brown in color, is generally warmer and a harbinger to greenery; it's noticeably lighter; and I get visits from some of my sisters - YAY!  Sara came in a week ago Wednesday, and Jeannea arrived this past Tuesday night.  For the few nights they're overlapping, we borrowed a cot.  One on the couch, one on the cot - both in the middle of our Construction Zone.  They're such good sports!
Since the visits only overlap by a couple of days, I took some time off so we could spend some quality time together. There aren't many things that can beat a paid day off work for pampering and spending time with family and friends.  A little sleepin' in, breakfast, pedicures, some shopping, late lunch/early dinner, and a relaxing evening.  Can anything be better?  Nothing comes to mind...  =)
Unfortunately, all good times must come to an end.  We took Sara to breakfast this morning before we drove her to the airport, slowed down, and kicked her to the curb.  It's hopefully going to be a busy, lucrative summer for her in Valdez.  We won't be visiting over 4th of July weekend as we've done in the past, so I'm thinking I'll take a weekend trip and drive over to visit.  Maybe late July or August...  Have a good summer, Sara!!


M said...

So jealous I didn't get to be there too.

Penny said...

Hey there, M! Wish you could've been here too. Maybe we can plan a trip to the pedicure-store in October... =)