14 April, 2010

Fun with the Floor

Greg continues to work hard to get the flooring done.  We're almost there.  Every day, the new changes are apparent and I can almost taste the finish.  Of course, we won't really be done until sometime next winter (if you count replacing the cabinetry in the kitchen), but we'll be done for the summer soon.  YAY!!

In the past couple of days, Greg has been a busy little bee.  He gets as much done as he can in the few hours after work, and it's really paying off.  He's finished laying the floor in the office.  This means we're (mostly) done in that room.  Well, we still need to paint and install the trim, move furniture around, and get organized, but... the point is we couldn't even think about getting organized and moving furniture back in there until now.  And now, we're just about ready for that...  as soon as the flooring in the living room / kitchen gets done... since we've now moved bits of the kitchen (those detached cabinets we've been moving around for the last six months and the boxes that now have the stuff we emptied out of all the lower cabinets) in there so there was more room and the floorspace was clear out here.

In addition to getting a lot done on the bamboo, Greg also grouted the slate.  It's got to dry for a bit, and then we need to polish and seal it.  I'm loving how this is coming together and what I envision the end product will be!  It'll all be worth it when it's over...  =)
Jeannea came in on Tuesday night.  Both she and Sara have been great about the less-than-stellar accommodations and helping where they can. We're going to indulge in a Girl's Day tomorrow.  A treat for their patience, to commemorate our being together, and a belated celebration for both their birthdays (both within the last couple of months).

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