22 April, 2010

Finished the Flooring

In just the past couple of days, Greg has been super-industrious.  Trying to get as much done as he can before he leaves for training, which I appreciate but it means that he's tired and doesn't get to bed until late.  I really appreciate his hard work!!  Last night was a Major Milestone in the remodel project...
The last bit of flooring is down...  YAY!!!  The last few rows went slower than the main floor.  In part because Greg couldn't use the nailing tool which sinks the nails into the groove far enough that you can immediately seat the next board.  No.  Instead he had to use the brad nailer with finish brads, then the yellow tool that taps the nails down into the wood.  In addition to that, we have several power outlets and an air return in the floor along that wall.  So lots of fitting and pounding, then sawing, then more fitting and pounding.  But it's done, and it looks absolutely fantastic!!
He finished the flooring and moved straight on to sealing the slate.  I have to admit that the sealant really makes the colors in the rock come through.  I liked it without, but it looks even better now.  The cats had to spend the night and most of today in the garage, since they love to lay on the stone - I suppose it's because it gets warm in the sunlight.  I missed having my little heaters on my legs last night, and I have to admit I didn't look in on them or talk to them while they mewled at the door.  Didn't want to sleep in the garage or have them get excited about getting free.  They were awfully whiny and needing of attention when I got home, but there are no cat prints in the seal job on the slate...  =)
Tonight, Greg hooked the water up to the sink and fridge; moved the cabinets from the office back into the kitchen;  rearranged some furniture; put the blinds back up; and put some of the big tools away.  We've still got a bit to do - unpacking and rearranging is part, but there's also the trim and hanging the doors.  I'm thinking maybe I'll get some painting done while Greg is away so it's ready when he gets back.  I'm excited!!!  It's starting to look like a "home" again.


The White Family said...

I love the new floors. You guys did an excellent job.

Holly said...

Wow! I wish I could be there to see your house in person. Looks great!