03 April, 2010

And the Paint Goes On

Mudding done.  Check.  Sanding done.  Check.  (Repeat two more times with cleanup after each...)  Texture done.  Check.  What's next?  Time to paint - YAY!!  Over the course of the last two and a half days, we've been painting fiends.
First coat of primer went on Thursday night.  Greg had Friday off, so he started the day by putting on the second coat of primer, and we finished the day cleaning up after the first coat of paint.  This morning, my industrious husband was finishing the second coat of paint as I wandered upstairs for the morning.
Painting is more of a workout than I remembered.  I trimmed in the low spots while Greg did all the high stuff.  I'm happy with that arrangement, as I didn't even want to touch the ceiling.  As it is, my thighs and back are sore from all the squatting and bending, and my arm got pretty wobbly as we were getting close to the finish.  (The right one, anyway - old lefty is just the pinch hitter, so didn't get as much work.  Dang, those rollers are heavy when they're full of paint!)
And this evening, we put the first coat of paint on the red wall.  It will need another coat (tomorrow), and then I believe we're done with the painting.  Sweet!!

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The White Family said...

Thank goodness for husbands. I usually get the lower stuff around stuff as well when we paint.