13 March, 2010

Weekend Updates

I meant to post last weekend, but I procrastinated.  This post will be a combination for non-house-remodel-related happenings for the last couple weekends.  I'll be doing another post shortly for the remodel stuff (combining them would just be too long).
Last Friday was a tough one at work - which is disappointing, since Fridays are generally my favorite day of the week.  It was one of those days where nothing seems to go right; where I should know certain processes but no matter what I did, nothing turned out well; where I intended to get certain things done, but nothing happened the way I planned: one of those days where I felt that everyone would (or maybe should?) be questioning whether or not I was fit to be in my current position.  A real bummer.  To help cheer me up, Greg brought home my favorite flowers - and they're still making me smile every time I see them.  Thanks, Hon!
Anyhow, having most of the weekend away from work was helpful (I had to go in for a few hours on Sunday, so I could make sure everything was on track come Monday morning), and an evening of relaxing with friends and not worrying about work was just what the doctor ordered.  Lucky for me, Saturday was Roller Derby!!
It was a great bout (Anchorage vs. Fairbanks - our girls rocked!), and nice to focus on spending time with friends.  (As usual, derby pix are courtesy of Greg and his fancy-pants camera...)  I have to say, I found out I'm a HUGE fan of chocolate and... bacon.  Bacon really does make everything taste better!  If you ever have a chance, you should try Mo's Dark Bacon Bar.  We took some chocolate to the game, since we knew dinner would be late.  I'll be getting more of these (even the package looks tasty)!
Fortunately, this past week has been productive and I've been able to regain some of my equilibrium.  That's one of the benefits of time: I know I'll get through the rough patches, just have to keep my head above water long enough.   Today, I did some research for work in between helping Greg with the remodel project.  Tomorrow we'll spend more time working on the house (Greg's been getting loads done), but I took a break this evening to go to dinner with friends (Greg was on-call, so he couldn't go).  We drove out to Double Musky in Girdwood.  It's an hour drive and there was an hour wait for a table (they don't take reservations), but it was *so* worth it!
The extra daylight is noticeable again.  This means that winter is almost over and I can start looking forward to warmer temps.  The picture above was taken at 6:45pm.  Just a bit more than a month ago, it would've been dark by then.  (And since we Spring Forward tomorrow, it'll just get more apparent - yay!)  Now it just needs to warm up...

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