14 March, 2010

Remodel Update - Makin' Progress!

It seems like we've rearranged the furniture a dozen times or more over the last couple weekends.  Maybe we have.  We relocated furniture (and packed even more stuff into even more boxes so we could cram even more into the spare bedroom) so Greg could scrape the rest of the popcorn off the ceiling.
Side note: That is really dust in the air - not faerie sparkles or a dirty lens.  I've been wondering if I need to clean the lens on my camera, since whenever I use the flash inside we see these little dust motes everywhere.  I can use the flash just fine outside, so I'm guessing that we've got a bunch of construction dust hanging in the air.  It'll be nice when it's warm enough to open up some windows and move some of this out...
We rearranged again so he could get to the kitchen floor.  The linoleum is gone and now it's mostly plywood in there too.  We still have to remove what's under the sink and attached cabinetry (that's coming soon, I'm told), but otherwise it's entirely sub-floor.
We rearranged a couple more times so Greg could have access to "soft spots" that he then proceeded to cut up and remove (I'm pretty handy at running the shop-vac).  Turns out the flooring is a pretty vicious job - Greg drew blood at least 11 times and has a deep splinter that he'll have to let fester out.
And we rearranged yet again so we could get the rest of the sheetrock put on the walls.  (A friend came by earlier in the week to help Greg figure out a power issue - thanks, John!  Now that's done and it's time to finish the walls...  Yay!!)
 We'll be rearranging a few more times before it's done.  At least once this week so I can have access to my baking equipment - I've got a potluck on Wednesday and they requested cookies.  I'm thinking I'll try a new flavor - picked up some dark chocolate covered pomegranate candies at Costco - may chop up some of those to see how Greg likes it (since I'm not fond of fruit & chocolate).  And we'll have to move stuff around since it's time for the mudding / sanding routine.  I expect the whole mudding / sanding / texturing will take at least a week.  There's multiple coats of mud, so multiple sanding events before we get to spraying texture.
Another Side Note: I did help a little with the project - mostly I did a bunch of vacuuming, but I also held the sheetrock in place so Greg could screw it down.  And I made breakfast.  And I was the fetch-me girl for various items.  And I did the grocery shopping (Costco is *nuts* on Sundays - I may deserve a medal just for that!).  On the other hand, in addition to all the remodel work he got done, Greg got in a couple runs; did some planning for a group hiking trip he's taking this fall; processed the pictures he took from roller derby last weekend; and ran to the hardware store a couple times (among other things).  It doesn't seem very fair for him - but I have to admit that I'm not good at using the drill; or the saw; or the nail gun.  Well, I can use them just fine, so long as you're not too worried about speed or results - it's one or the other with me - I'm super-slow for my good results, and if I go fast most of it has to be done more than once...  I'll just make him some extra cookies for work. =)

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