22 March, 2010

Muddy Walls

We're getting closer...
This weekend was spent on the walls - and the ceiling.  Mudding.  Where there used to be screw heads, gaps, and holes, there is now a smear of white.  And the corners are in too.  Even without the texture and paint, having the first coat of mudding done makes things look much more finished.  We're not going to make it by the April 1st deadline.  Greg has promised that there will be a place for my sisters to stay when they're here (the guest room currently no longer even has a walkway), so I suppose I'll have to live with that.  And I know he's working really hard on it - he's given up a couple really nice weekends of play to further our progress.
Between the mudding episodes, we had Game Night at the Green's (yay! Killer Bunnies!), picked out slate for the slider entryway, and installed the Interrogation Lighting.  It's supposed to make the mud/texture/paint process for the ceiling a bit easier.  It looks like we're ready to set up a table with some pliers and strap some bad guy down to take out his teeth (without painkillers, of course).
Greg did some sanding tonight.  When I got home from the gym there was a white film of powder over everything...  so I helped clean up (in the process, learned that we have another segment for the hose on the shop vac, so I don't need to look - or feel - like the Hunchback of Notre Dame... wish I'd known that earlier...) and then had dinner.  There'll be at least one more coat of mud, which means at least one more coat of super-fine dust - man, that stuff's nasty!  But then it's texture, paint, and floor...  I can see a light ahead...  Is it the end of the tunnel?  Or a train on it's way to mow me down...

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