28 March, 2010

Dust Everywhere

Before we can paint we have to texture.  Before that comes mudding, and because of the mudding there's the sanding. Three coats of mud.  Three bouts of sanding.  Three times the cleanup.  Ugh!
Let me say that again: UGH!  I suppose I'm lucky, since Greg initially thought we'd have to mud even more than three times.
 Greg did all the mudding and sanding.  I helped by running the shop vac.  I'll be *so* glad when we're through this part.  That dust gets absolutely everywhere, and no matter how much I clean, 5 minutes later there's a fine layer on all surfaces.
We're going to have to find a good leather cleaner/conditioner (when this whole ordeal is done) and clean the couch.  We're also going to have to go over every surface to get rid of the residual dust.  And wash everything that wasn't hermetically sealed when we started.  Which means we'll be washing everything.
On the bright side: I think I know what Greg will look like when he's old and grey. =)

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