07 February, 2010

Super-Fantastic Weekend

This weekend was just marvelous!  I think that Fridays are my favorite day of the week.  It's not quite the weekend, but I can almost taste it - it's so close.  Ahhhh.  Sweet anticipation. This Friday didn't disappoint.  Went to dinner with Nita, since the boyos were playing racquetball.  We're not doing any entertaining at the house (see all posts and pictures regarding the remodel - the house is in *no* shape for company), so I don't get a chance to visit with people much.  Which makes it especially nice to spend time with my pal.

I'd get to visit with people more if I liked talking on the phone, but either my fingers are broken - not likely, since I'm using them to type - or we're like magnets pushing apart, me and the phone.  I just don't do so well with that medium.  Greg, on the other hand, should probably have one surgically implanted in his ear - except then I'd never know when he's talking to me or to someone else...  Anyhow.  Saturday continued the awesomeness.  After a day of progress on the remodel, Stacy and James invited us to dinner.  A new restaurant and more visiting with friends.  Can the weekend get any better?  Well, there's one day left...

In case you're not aware, I'm not a big football fan.  In fact, we haven't watched any football this season, and the last game I watched was probably Super Bowl last year.  I generally pick my team based on the color of the jersey.  This year was pretty much the same, except Sheri helped me in the last pre-game game.  It was the purple and the black teams.  At first, I picked purple since I like that color.  Then, (before half-time, since you can't change teams after half-time), I switched to rooting for black.  Why did I switch, you might ask?  Well, I found out that purple is from Minnesota.  It's *cold* there.  And black (which is another color I like) is from New Orleans, where they throw a kick-ass party.  (Someday I want to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.)  Turns out it was a good switch, since black won - yay!

Now to choose between black and blue for the real game.  Both are good colors, so I have to look for secondary criteria.  Looks like it comes down to party-town vs. flat-land baby horses (which are cute, but can't compare to a down-and-out party).  Black it is.

Once the science of picking the team is done, I'm actually getting a bit excited to watch the game.  Plus there's all the cool commercials.  Then Greg tells me that we might not get that channel.  Aaargh!  Thus far, I have refused to pay for cable.  Mostly because we don't watch that much TV, but I'm also holding out for the pick-a-pack.  I don't need 100 channels, or even 50.  I'd settle for a dozen - food network, HGTV, history, discovery, the local channels, and a couple others for fun.  Since that's not an option, I'm taking my toys and going home.  So there!  (That, and I'm just the tiniest bit worried that if we had cable I'd develop couch-potato-itis - even more - and never leave the house unless absolutely forced.)  Cable dilemma aside, now I may not be able to watch the game OR the commercials.  Drat!
In steps Ubon and Cindy, inviting us to share the day with them.  Whew!  Saved.  It's been quite some time since I've had a chance to visit with them, so this will be lots of fun (and it's Ubon's birthday - sweet!).
I wore black to support my team.  Was tempted to wear the only sports jersey I own, but it may have given the wrong impression on several fronts:  first because it's Grumpy (his team is the Miners - get it? haha!); next because I'm told it's a hockey jersey - they're different somehow from other sports' jerseys - who knew?!?; and also because it has blue (it's light blue), but no black.  No jersey for me.  Lack of football attire aside, the afternoon was outstanding!  Good food, good company, good game!
All-in-all, it was really a super-fantastic weekend!


Angie Di said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. I took your advice and voted for the saints in the super bowl. We don't watch many sports either. Hooray for the saints. Good choosing! I may have to side with you more often.

Penny said...

We can definitely side together, Angie - I'd love it! What's your favorite color? Need to know, since it'll be part of our scientific team choosing routine... =)