17 February, 2010

Remodel Update - Lights & Stuff

The flooring is on hold until we get a bunch of work in the "great room" done: ceiling and walls, then floor.  James was over to help this weekend - thanks, James!  There aren't many pictures because this is one of the weekends where most of the work is relatively invisible - but necessary.
We're moving light boxes to reposition the lighting.  The box that was in what used to be the hallway outside the bathroom - that one's going diagonally across the room to the dark corner.  The ceiling fan that used to be above the table - that box is being moved a few feet closer to the kitchen.  We're eventually going to have a return in the kitchen that will be a 2-seat bar on the other side, which will have pendant lights above it.  The ceiling fan is being moved to the dark corner, and we're not replacing the light that was outside the bathroom.  The picture below is from where the light was removed, outside the bathroom and office areas.  (We didn't actually destroy that much ceiling just to move the light box - this is also due to removing the fireplace, since the chimney went up there too.)

Lots of work in the attic - moving wiring, making holes, dropping wires down.  Got to get the power moved and ceiling work done before the walls; got to get the walls done before the floor.  In the picture below, it shows the new location of the kitchen light box (for the someday pendant lights).  We attached the old hallway light, since we haven't picked out the new lights yet.  Haven't picked out much for the kitchen yet - I thought that was for later, but it turns out we're going to have to work on lighting now, while we're doing ceiling stuff.  The hole to the right is where the fan used to be - we're going to have to patch that.
Putting in the new light box wasn't nearly as messy.  For me, anyway.  Greg is the one that goes in the attic to play in the insulation and move the wires.  So he disappears for a while, puts a new hole in the ceiling, fills it with the light box, then comes down and hooks up the light.  Good to go!  He swapped the fan blades so the lighter color shows on the bottom.  That'll go better with our choice of flooring, whenever we get it finished out here...
I think next week we get to start working on the walls.  We're still negotiating about the lights in the kitchen, but I don't think they absolutely have to be done yet.  I'm looking forward to getting the bathroom wall done - that's where the TV/entertainment center is going, which is really going to open up the room.  Yay!

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