21 February, 2010

Remodel Update - Ceiling and Walls

James was over to help on Saturday.  I keep telling them they're twins.  Blue jeans, blue shirts (computer shirts too, just not the same companies), covered in construction debris.  Sure one's bald and the other's not; one's taller than the other, too.  I didn't say they were identical, necessarily...  I'm immensely grateful for the help of James (James's just doesn't look right, and neither does James'), as I wasn't looking forward to the ceiling bits and they're extremely difficult to do alone.
By the time I made it up stairs in the morning, everything was in disarray.  I guess I mean more disarray than normal.  They'd moved the loose cabinetry from the kitchen into the living room, then spent the morning scraping the popcorn texture off most of the ceiling.  What a mess!  From there, they had to reattach some of the ceiling - particularly where it's close to where they're going to cut some out.  This is so it's easier to put in the replacement (and to fix a broken spot - probably from when the home was built).
Then it's time for Greg to go into the attic again.  He needed to start the cut for what they were taking down of the current ceiling.  Then they marked the line to the end in that blue chalk and sliced a preliminary cut.
And then they tore down the ceiling.  Yet another mess.  Good thing I'm better at sweeping and doing cleanup than I am at the actual remodel stuff.
So now we have an even bigger area that's open - although the insulation isn't falling out all over, thank goodness!  But, not to worry!  I got to help with the next part too - but that means that I didn't get pictures.  James and I climbed ladders and held the sheetrock in place while Greg went about securing it to the ceiling joists.
And just like that, the holes are covered and we have a ceiling again.  Of course, now there's mudding and texture to do so that it's really done, but no more draft from the chimney hole.  Yay!  Next on the list is to get the walls done - starting with the sheetrock, so all the mudding, sanding, and texturing can be done at once.
We're insulating the bathroom wall to add some privacy (and when we replace the door, we'll use a solid one rather than hollow core for the same reason).  We've got a good start on the next part.  Shouldn't take too long to get more rock on the wall-bones - the biggest headache will be to measure out where all lthe power boxes are so they can be cut out of the rock.  Then I help hold it in place while Greg screws it down.  It's all progress.

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